Department of Health to implement a new strategy on procurement of medical devices

Department of Health to implement a new strategy on procurement of medical devices

Further to the pilot run on the procurement of medical devices (MDs) conducted earlier by the Department of Health (DH), DH has adopted a new strategy on the procurement of MDs starting from 21 June 2023. Under the strategy, DH will give preference to MDs listed under the Medical Device Administrative Control System (MDACS) in the procurement of all applicable MDs*.

The new strategy will help to intrinsically ensure that the MDs being purchased by DH will meet the safety, quality and performance requirements comparable to international standard. Furthermore, the safety alert monitoring mechanism and the Medical Device Adverse Event Reporting System of Medical Device Division (MDD) also provide additional protection to the public health.

Traders who are interested in submitting bid/ quotation/ tender for the supply of MDs to DH Services are encouraged to apply their Class II/III/IV general MDs or Class B/C/D in-vitro diagnostic MDs for listing under the MDACS as soon as possible. Application form and guidance notes for listing under MDACS are available on MDD website here.

For details of the new requirement and related resources, please refer to attached document.

For details on application for inclusion in the supplier lists of the Government, please refer to the following links:

Please also refer to individual invitation documents issued by DH for details of other procurement requirements.

For enquiries on the definition and classification of MDs, please contact MDD:

Tel: 3107 8484
Fax: 3157 1286

Last update on 17 October 2023


* Applicable MDs refer to Class II/III/IV general medical devices and Class B/C/D in-vitro diagnostic medical devices according to the classification rules of MD under MDACS